Body Slim Stubborn Areas

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Body Slim Stubborn Areas

Slackened & Stubborn Areas – Firming Lifting Serum against Embedded Cellulite

This lifting serum delivers intensive action against the appearance of slackening on inner arms and thighs and hunts down stubborn cellulite with an exclusive complex for reinforced double firming action and action against embedded cellulite.

Canular tube, 75ml/2.7 fl oz


  • Results

    • Improved tone on inner arms: 85%(1) and thighs: 90%(2)
    • Reduction in the appearance of stubborn cellulite: 77%(2)
    • Lifted skin: 83%(3)
    (1)Study conducted with 19 volunteers after 28 days of use - % of subjects improved
    Study conducted on the active ingredient
    (2)Self-assessment after 14 days conducted with 48 volunteers
    (3)Self-assessment after 28 days conducted with 52 volunteers
  • Key active ingredients
  • An ultra-fresh lifting serum to help fight the appearance of fibrous cellulite and skin slackening on stubborn areas (inner arms and thighs).

    • 2% patented WTB SYSTEM: an unprecedented complex composed of 3 active ingredients (sacred lotus white willow - biotechnological peptide) capable of transforming “fat-storing” adipocytes into “fat-burning” adipocytes and of eliminating the lipids contained in these adipocytes.
    • 12.5% LIPO-REVERSE (10% active caffeine + 2.5% glaucine complex): the first body-contouring active ingredient capable of transforming adipocytes into “fibroblast-type” cells, which ensure skin firmness.
    • 1% anti-glycation complex: this LIERAC-exclusive complex helps limit the glycation process (hardening of collagen and elastin fibers by adherence of sugar molecules) and fight the appearance of skin slackening and stubborn fibrous cellulite.
    • 5% sesame extracts: form a film on the skin’s surface with the ability to instantly and visibly lift and shape “orange peel skin” on slackened areas (inner arms and thighs, buttocks).
  • How to use
  • Morning and/or night, massage onto inner arms and thighs and/or stubborn areas.