DIOPTI Eye Contour - Anti Puffiness & Dark Circles

30 years of expertise and over 30% plant extracts for this double-action eye contour formula: - Anti-puffiness action with LIERAC's alchemilla-ivy-horsetail botanical synergy, - Anti-dark circle action with the combination of arnica and butcherbroom.

Bottle, 15ml/0.55fl oz


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The skin seems retightened, dark circles appear diminished, the eyes look refreshed and more rested.

Clinically proven effectiveness:

Under-eye puffiness is “de-puffed”: clear to very clear improvement in 85%* of volunteers.

* Clinical study conducted via biopsy on 7 subjects. Alchemilla-ivy-horsetail botanical synergy used twice a day for 6 weeks.


25.5% alchemilla-ivy-horsetail botanical synergy, 4.5% chamomile extracts, 1.85% anti-dark circle complex (butcherbroom + arnica).

1% SKINPOWER5 Complex (a unique complex made of 5 minerals – iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese – that play an essential role in maintaining the skin’s ideal balance and condition).


Apply morning and/or night in light massaging motions.

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