Express Shaving Foam

Express Shaving Foam

EXPRESS SHAVING FOAM Anti-Irritation Moisturizing Foam

A creamy shaving foam for unrivalled razor glide and optimum skin protection.

Pressurized container, 150mL/4.87oz


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Helps reduce stinging, redness, over-heating sensations… Provides a heightened sensation of soothing freshness, both immediate and long-lasting.

Effects observed by consumers:

The skin gets a close shave**:
Anti-irritation effect: 70%
Soothing effect: 70%  

The skin is moisturized: 62%  

Study conducted by self-assessment with 60 men between 18 and 41 years of age who used the product once a day for 28 days.
** with 30 volunteers prone to irritation.

1% peppermint leaf extract, 3.8% glycerin, 8.4% fatty acid (palmitic acid), purifying agent.

1% SKINPOWER5 Complex (a unique complex made of 5 minerals – iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese – that play an essential role in maintaining the skin’s ideal balance and condition).

Apply morning and/or night, according to needs, on previously cleansed and still damp skin.

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